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I have created a very simple RESTful service and deployed it on my local tomcat server. I would like to create and configure an API proxy and test it out using Apigee. While trying to creating a new API proxy it does not allow me to point me to url endpoint containing containing localhost and port information.

http://localhost:8080/PageNameService/ /**** DOES NOT WORK ***/           /***** WORKS ************/

Does this mean that you cannot configure Target Endpoint URL's that contain localhost and ports in apigee ? Please guide.

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Apigee Edge is hosted on a 4G cloud infrastructure and would accept a backend url for which it can act as a facade and pass on the traffic processed by it. It would not be able to connect to your tomcat server with localhost:8080. You can give any globally accessible complete URL's(it can have domain names or even ip addresses with correct ports is fine.)

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I solved this need by using ngrok. I am able to route calls from Edge to my local machine. Absolutely love ngork! :-)

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Do I have to pay anything to use it ? – user2325154 Mar 12 '14 at 13:37
I downloaded it and tried to install it on my Win 7 machine but wouldn't work. – user2325154 Mar 12 '14 at 19:03

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