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I am trying to make a consumer from an ActiveMQ queue which tries to pick up the message 5 times and then if it does not manage to it puts the message in a different queue.

I have setup Spring JmsTransactionManager, DMLC and everything but it does not seem to be completely using my redelivery policy. Below is my JavaConfig

    public ActiveMQConnectionFactory amqFactory() {
        ActiveMQConnectionFactory amqFactory = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory();
        if(userName != null && password != null) {

        RedeliveryPolicy rdp = new RedeliveryPolicy();
        if(errorQueueName != null) {
            System.out.println("Setting error queue");
            ActiveMQDestination errorQueue = new ActiveMQQueue(errorQueueName);
        return amqFactory;


    public CachingConnectionFactory cachingFactory() {
        CachingConnectionFactory cacheFac = new CachingConnectionFactory(amqFactory());
        return cacheFac;

    public JmsTransactionManager jmsTransactionManager() {
        JmsTransactionManager jmsTM = new JmsTransactionManager();
        return jmsTM;

    public DefaultMessageListenerContainer jmsContainer() throws SystemException {
        DefaultMessageListenerContainer dmlc = new DefaultMessageListenerContainer();
        return dmlc;

And then in the main thread I create my MessageListener, set the DMLC to it and start the DMLC.

Inside my message listener I am deliberately throwing a JmsException to test the redelivery. What is happening is that it is picking up a message, trying it 5 times (With 5 seconds between every try) and then putting the message on ActiveMQ.DLQ queue. Give the amount of tries and delay between each it clearly seems to be using my redelivery policy however for some reason it will not put my message on the queue I assign it to but rather ActiveMQ.DLQ.

I am aware I can configure individualDeadLetterStrategy in the server side but I'd rather just specify it myself client side (And yes I can confirm I see the output log which means the errorQueue variable is correctly being set).

I should also note that the reason for this is that my understanding is that if I set IndividualDeadLetterStrategy on the server side, it means that both undeliverable and expired messages for a queue will go to it's own specific DLQ. What I want to do is separate both. Undeliverable messages should go to their own queue however expired messages should all end up in the default ActiveMQ.DLQ (This includes the fact that an undelivered messages, residing in it's own undelivered queue, may also have an expiration time and will move from the undeliverable queue to the default ActiveMQ.DLQ).

Can anybody shine a light in the situation? I am using ActiveMQ 5.8.0

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