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I have asp page which retrieves javascript code from code behind file. The code consists of companyName which sometimes have '&' sign. This javascript codeis used during onclick event of a link in the asp page. However it looks like whenever there is a comapnyName with '&' sign, it cuts of the string value after the '&' sign.

Code Behind:
    <sc:Link runat="server" Field="EmployeeLink" Item='<%# Eval("Item") %>' onclick='<%# Eval("OnClickJs") %>'>

ASP file:
    OnClickJS =  "var d=d_gi('" + Sitecore.Context.Item["ID"] + "');,'d','Page " + "|" +companyName +");";

When companyName is 'John Doe' => the link has 'John Doe' in link url

When companyName is 'John & Doe' => the link only has 'John' in link url

I tried escaping ampersand sign using '\', '&' 'amp;' so far.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Use HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode for this:

OnClickJS =  HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode("var d=d_gi('" + Sitecore.Context.Item["ID"] + "');,'d','Page " + "|" +companyName +")");
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