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I have a fragment which has a listview, I use a separate baseadapter class to populate the listview with a layout from xml. I need to switch to a different Fragment when the user clicks a certain image in the listview. when i set up the onclick listener for that image i cant seem to use the getSupportFragmentManager() method inside the onclick. How can i achieve this?

      holder.userpic.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View v) {
                Log.d(" ", " value " + obj.get(position).get_post_id());
                final FragmentTransaction ft2 =  this.   getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction(); 
             bundle.putInt("pk", value);
             bundle.putInt(" ", value);
                 ProfileFrag fragment2 = new   ProfileFrag ();

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paste some code please ! –  S.Thiongane Mar 11 at 20:32

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You can accept a FragmentActivity (or ActionBarActivity) in the constructor of your BaseAdapter, save it as a field, and call the method on that field.

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hoe do i do that? –  Samantha Mar 11 at 20:32
i passed the activity to the basedapater by getting the activity using getActivity(). then i created a Activity variable in the baseadapter and tired this.activity but still didn't work –  Samantha Mar 11 at 20:41
if you write this.activity inside the onClick method, it will not work because this is here the anonymous OnClickListener. Just write activity.getSupportFragmentManager()... –  sorianiv Mar 11 at 20:58

Use your Fragments name while calling getSupportFragmentManager()

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nope,does not work –  Samantha Mar 11 at 21:54

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