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Can I open a neo4j database using

new GraphDatabaseFactory().newEmbeddedDatabase( A_CERTAIN_PATH );

in many different servlets, or I can't access to the same db from two different java processes?

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From my experience you can't access the same database from two different processes, if you try to do so you'll get a lock exception saying that your database is already opened.

You should use a class with a static reference to the database and use this class to get instance of your database every time you need it (queries ..)

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So the only wai to access concurrently to the same database from different threads at the same time is to use rest apis ? –  mb_ Mar 12 at 17:20
What kind of server are you using ? embedded or not ? –  Morendo Mar 13 at 7:33
embedded. But I figured out a simple solution that is: make a static GraphDatabaseService class by initializing it in a ServletContextListener. The any servlet that want to use it just have to context.getAttribute("that_class") –  mb_ Mar 13 at 8:42
Yes that's the idea but be careful about the operations you'll make later on this class, they should be thread safe with synchronized key word –  Morendo Mar 13 at 9:00
Yes i know. But i read that this class is intrinsically thread safe. Should i care about synchronization also in this case ? –  mb_ Mar 13 at 10:18

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