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I have looked at the links but cannot find a simple example of reverse geocoding using the Mapbox API.

Does anybody have a link to a simple partial address input and a response?

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Why wouldn't the example's in: https://www.mapbox.com/developers/api/geocoding/#reverse work for you ?

At least when trying those quickly with browser, they return nice JSON reply. So for Reply, just copy paste the url into your browser, and let it load the response.

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I want to incorporate a box for text on a map and get the coordinates so I am looking for an example that shows how to call the reverse geocoder and the response function. Also I am not sure of the structure of the returned info. –  user14881 Mar 12 at 11:54
Basically the URL is an example, you would use normal HTTP GET with it, and then the reply for the query would be the response you are looking for. I can not see any definition on the site for the JSON format, thus you might need to check what's in the result part of that returned JSON. –  Dr.Jukka Mar 12 at 12:51
Also if you want more API like functionality, then I suppose you could look into different offerings. For Example Google has their own as well as does the HERE have. –  Dr.Jukka Mar 12 at 12:52
Thanks for your help –  user14881 Mar 12 at 20:31
No need to thank, there is always the ways used here in Stack overflow to indicate whether you found the answer acceptable and/or usefull –  Dr.Jukka Mar 13 at 6:44
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