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I´m using jQuery Mobile and my navigation and search panel will slide from the left into the page. So the problem is, that something and I really don´t know what kind of element, is changing the position of the toggle so that it´s not fixed. I´ve defined already data-position:fixed; but that didn´t help.

How can I change the position of the jQuery Mobile toggles to position:fixed; so that they are over the div.ui-panel-dismiss ?

I know that jquery mobile uses translate3d to animate the panel. So if I put this out it will have the position:fixed; but the page will also stay behind the panel, so that is not a solution for me. But I think this question is like: css3 transform reverts position: fixed

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you want to change .ui-panel-dismiss position? so you can access page while panel is open? –  Omar Mar 11 at 20:47
The panel uses translate3d (css3) to open the panel animated. So this CSS3 feauture I think is the reason for my problem. My panel-buttons are position:fixed; and every time I open the panel the buttons will stay position:fixed; in the DOM but look like position:static –  user3292653 Mar 11 at 21:35
It could be a jquery mobile bug or a CSS3 translate3d bug. I´m using Firefox by the way, so it´s not a webkit bug –  user3292653 Mar 11 at 21:36
maybe you should unfix buttons once panel is open. –  Omar Mar 11 at 21:50
How can I do this? –  user3292653 Mar 12 at 8:11

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