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Trying to create an if function with an AND condition that looks for specific domains in the referrer. Example:

if -> [ (referrer contains "www.google." OR "www.bing." Or "www.yahoo." ) AND (query param X is not in the URL) ]

do this : ----- else: do that ---

What would be the best way for accomplishing this?

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The solve-it-all solution: regex –  Populus Mar 11 at 22:06

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Could use regular expressions to do it fairly easily like this:

if(/www\.(google|bing|yahoo)/.test(document.referrer) && 
  //do this
} else {
  //do that
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Wow, I wont even post what I was working on, nice work! –  Zach Spencer Mar 11 at 22:07
Awesome! will give it a try! –  frankbraga Mar 11 at 22:12

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