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My code is supposed to read a file on the server, store its content in an Array, then read the array elements (eventually each element is a line) and split each line into 7 parts by (:)

I wrote this code and it works 100% fine.

lines = File.readlines('/etc/passwd')

lines.each do |line|
line = line.chomp! #I removed the \n
line_arr = line.split(/:/)
puts line_arr.inspect
puts "*************"

I just want to know if there is a shortcut to do this since each element of the array ends with \n. Maybe I am a bit confused between a an array elements ending with \n and a string that contains \n

the content of the file looks like this


As for the output, there's no specific format, because I am going to use this part and extend my code later. As long as I can access those 7 parts that I extracted from the line_arr, i should be fine.

thank you

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Maybe line_arr = line.chomp!.split(/:/)? –  blueygh2 Mar 11 at 22:06
Give some sample data.. and output. So that I can code your need. –  Arup Rakshit Mar 11 at 22:13
post it in the question... not here –  Arup Rakshit Mar 11 at 22:42

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require 'etc'

[].tap {|ary| Etc.passwd {|u| 
  ary << [u.name, u.passwd, u.uid, u.gid, u.gecos, u.dir, u.shell, u.change, 
          u.uclass, u.expire]

Rule of thumb: never try to reimplement behavior that someone else has already written for you. Unless you are really, really, really, REALLY smart.

Actually, now that you have edited your question, I don't even see why you need those arrays in the first place and cannot just use the Etc.passwd iterator and Struct::Passwd directly.

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Thanks Jörg. This is definitely a very advanced code! I will study your answer and understand it. –  user3267582 Mar 11 at 22:49

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