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i am attempting to upload a video to facebook using the as3 api(FacebookMobile.uploadVideo) which accepts a video as either fieleReferance or byteArray. a followed the example @ for creating the byteArray i ma getting a 2058 error when uncompressing the byte array (this may be because i dident compress it but neither did adobe in the example). if i comment this bit out i am getting an #353 You must select a video file to upload error from Facebook. Byte Array Code:

public function UICompleteHandler(event:MediaEvent):void
    trace("Welcome back from the camera");
    var media:MediaPromise =;
    trace("file info "+media.file.url  + " - " + media.relativePath + " - " + media.mediaType);
    filePath = media.file.url;
    trace("Object encoding is: " + inBytes.objectEncoding + "\n\n" + "order file: \n\n");
    readFileIntoByteArray(filePath, inBytes); 
    trace("length 1:   "+inBytes.length);
    trace("position 1: "+inBytes.position);
    inBytes.position = 0; // reset position to beginning 


    trace("position 2:  "+inBytes.position);
    inBytes.position = 0;    //reset position to beginning 
private function readFileIntoByteArray(fileName:String, data:ByteArray):void 
     var inFile:File = new File(fileName);
     trace ("file to byte array  "+  inFile.url);
     trace ("file name var : "+fileName); , FileMode.READ);

Handle Upload Code:

public function handleUpload(ev:TouchEvent)
    trace ("posting to facebook - FileName: "+  accessCamera.fileName + " - FilePath: " + accessCamera.filePath);
    var params:Object ={  
        title:'test upload on FB api',
        description:'test upload on FB api',
        fileName: accessCamera.fileName,
        video: accessCamera.inBytes

    trace (" = ";

    FacebookMobile.uploadVideo('me/videos', onComplete, params);

private function onComplete( result:Object, fail:Object ):void {
    trace("facebook post onComplete called" );
    if (result)
        // is id of post that was just posted
        trace ("great");
    else if (fail)
        trace("post Failed");  
        trace('code: '+fail.error.code); 
        trace('message: '+fail.error.message);
        trace('type: '+fail.error.type); 

when i trace out the i get a load of random characters. the problem seems to be facebook dosnt appear to see the bytearray(if i even success fully created it) as a video.

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The adobe example does decompress when writing the bytes. Try decompress when writing and see if the uncompressing is still giving problems. Also, update your question to include the trace of the before you try to upload. –  Travis Mar 12 '14 at 0:44
you mean put it in the readFileIntoByteArray method? when i trace out i get a load of random characters in the output pannel. sorry for late reply i was parted from my laptop for a day. –  Lonergan6275 Mar 13 '14 at 11:31
i also tried moving the uncompress to no avail –  Lonergan6275 Mar 14 '14 at 14:02

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