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I'm doing a course "Embedded Systems - Shape the World" through Edx.org We are using the TM4C123 board and Keil uVision 4.73 IDE, and all the code in written in C.

I want to do Test Driven Development (TDD), however I'm having a lot of trouble getting a TDD environment setup.

I've been trying to use Unity as the test framework as it is made for embedded systems however I can't seem to get it to compile.

Doed anyone have any resources (blogs etc) on how to get TDD setup when using C and uVision?

To be clear, this is not part of my homework it's just the way I like to write code.

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After a bit more Googling I found what I was looking for, a step by step guide on how to setup Unity with Keil uVision. For anyone else that is interested go to


You have to sign up for an account but it is free.

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