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I am writing an application to run on a robot. Currently, it is headless, but I want to be able to telnet directly to the application with no authentication and access a shell that I will write.

Is this possible? Would it be practical or are there much easier solutions?

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Telnet uses TCP protocol using socket communication, and you just need a socket library (e.g. boost::asio or you can even build your own) –  texasbruce Mar 11 at 23:55
You could consider using an HTTP server library in your robot application (e.g. libonion...) –  Basile Starynkevitch Mar 12 at 6:25

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It is entirely possible.

However, if you are using Linux, you may just as well just let your application do it's I/O to the terminal, and use telnet to log in. If you set up a user to use your application as the "login-shell", it will allow direct access to that user called "robot" (for example) (and you can set it to have no password too) - then just do telnet -l robot machine port.

This would save you the effort of writing your own telnet client, and give you almost identical functionality.

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But note that telnet is very insecure. If you can get away with it, use ssh. –  vonbrand Mar 12 at 2:06
Yes, ssh would be a much better solution - in fact, you could use a generated key to avoid passwords, but still have a reasonably secure system. This obviously only matter if you are doing something beyond building a robot for your own purposes in your bedroom. –  Mats Petersson Mar 12 at 7:44
It will be on a very secure and isolated network. I choose telnet because it has no encryption and seems much easier to implement. However, I think this answerr might solve the issue! –  yash101 Mar 12 at 16:29
If you are indeed using a telnet/ssh daemon that simply runs the application as a shell, then you have "no difficulty" with the protocol/encryption, because that is handled by the daemon, which is a separate process. So it'll "Just work". –  Mats Petersson Mar 12 at 20:33

If you're using a custom shell, why would you need telnet? Your shell can have a daemon component to listen on given port and then hand over the interaction to whatever REPL your shell would implement.

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No. i am creating an application that I want to access from elsewhere. There will be a minimal command system that will allow application debugging and application output –  yash101 Mar 12 at 0:00

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