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I use qQuery as a glue to obtain/search original DOM elements by ID to use their original properies and methods. jQuery provides the function get() for this. How does this work with the input element?

<script src=""></script>
$(function () {
    var textField = $('#inputId').get();
    //var textField = document.getElementById("inputId");
    alert("textField = " + textField +
        " name = " + +
        " value = " + textField.value);
<input id="inputId" value="3" name="region"/>

The example works with document.getElementById(), but it fails with jQuery. Why? How can I get with jQuery the same object as with document.getElementById()?

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Either use get(0) or just [0]:

var textField = $('#inputId').get(0);


var textField = $('#inputId')[0];

get() without a parameter returns an array of elements, even if there is just one. So you need to specify a zero based index.

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you might want to try and use:


specifying that you want the element at index 0 of the returned array of elements. Most likely the get() function is returning an array containing one element, but it's still an array.

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Try $('#inputId').get(0);

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