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first of all, I'm sorry my poor English and I'm newbie in Neo4J!

I have a graph database modelled like Twitter social network.

Nodes: Users and Tweets

I have about 2.2M nodes, 8.1M properties and 1.4M relationships.

I need to get all unique screen names of Users who wrote or retweeted a tweet.

So, I was using this query until my database get bigger:

MATCH (u:User)-[]-(t:Tweet) return distinct u.screen_name;

Now the problem is this query returning timeout.

How would this query for better performance?


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Which version of Neo4J are you using? –  MarcoCI Mar 12 '14 at 12:45
Hi @MarcoCI Neo4J Version 2.0.1 –  Davi Zanotto Mar 12 '14 at 15:12
Now i'm executing this query: "MATCH (u:User)-[:WROTE|RETWEETED]->(t:Tweet) RETURN distinct u.screen_name SKIP 0 LIMIT 1000;" in a FOR loop on Python. But I still want to know if exists any query to get all screen_names in only one execution... –  Davi Zanotto Mar 12 '14 at 15:15

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How many users do you have? You'll probably return too much data for the browser.

Can you try these queries:

MATCH (u:User) return count(*);

MATCH (u:User) return u.screen_name;

MATCH (u:User) WHERE (u)-[:WROTE|RETWEETED]->() return u.screen_name LIMIT 1000;

MATCH (u:User) WHERE (u)-[:WROTE|RETWEETED]->() return u.screen_name;
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