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I was just writing some documentation, when I hit a major roadblock:

Is it "a .obj file" or "an .obj file"?

"Try opening foo.txt" would be pronounced "Try opening foo-dot-text".


"Try that .exe file!" could be either: "Try that dot ee-ex-ee file!" or simply "Try that ee-ex-ee file!"

In general, is the dot in file extensions pronounced?

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The "dot" is not normally pronounced, when you stress the nature of a file rather than its name, and is pronounced otherwise. A doc file may in fact end with .docx, for example.

Besides, the part after the dot is not called "extension" in all operating systems. In Posix the dot has no special meaning, and files often may (and do) start with dot: .profile, in which case it's pronounced, since it's a part of specific file name.

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