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I am working at listing a set of guidelines that I can supply to other developers and external partners around the use iframes, to do's and dont's etc. I dont like using them or suggesting they can be used but it has become a requirement in the project I am working on to support iframes. So I want to supply a set of rules to others can abide by when they are creating a page to iframe in to the site. Any rules that I should be including in this?

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Sometimes iframe is a good choice. It does have security concerns, though. This excellent article "3 things I set on new servers" offers some excellent tips on handling framing.

One method of attempting to fool users into interacting with a website is by loading it into an iframe on the attackers page. More formally known as Clickjacking; this technique involves overlaying the iframe with a different user interface.

As you can imagine this makes it possible for the attacker to mask the actions of the user. They think that they are using the attacker supplied interface when in actual fact they are performing actions on the background application in the iframe.

There are a couple of techniques that can be employed to combat this threat and protect your users. At the server level and as javascript in the web pages themselves.

That article is too lengthy to quote in detail here, but I highly recommend checking it out.

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