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Has anyone configured swagger with spring-data-rest. I know swagger has DocumentationConfig class which scans for all spring-mvc request mappings. But, how to use that for spring-data-rest as there are no explicit request mappings defined. Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated. Also, like to know, if there are any other documentation framework which supports Spring-Data-Rest.

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As you mentioned already Spring MVC does not support Spring Data Rest. Recently someone opened an issue on Github for this. Hopefully we will get support for Spring Data Rest soon. –  ksokol Mar 29 at 17:52
It's me who has opened the issue on Github :-) They have asked to write the implementation for Spring-Data-Rest –  user1917034 Mar 31 at 15:01
Ok. Good to know that :-) –  ksokol Apr 1 at 11:11

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