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I want to set scale for a sprite by height of original image. And then the width of that sprite will follow by original ratio of that image. How can i do that. Thank for all your help.

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CCSprite has a member function

virtual void setScale(float scale)      


Just create a sprite, and call this function.

CCSprite* bg = CCSprite::create("background.png");

bg sprite will be twice bigger than the origin one.

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thanks, what effect if any does this have on the original image? I want to build my resources at high resolution then scale them down based on actual device resolution to save RAM. –  John Jul 8 at 15:46

use setScale function of CCSprite e.g -

CCSprite *Sprite   =   CCSprite::create(WHEEL_SPRITE);
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You can scale by width or height only with: sprite->setScaleX() and sprite->setScaleY()

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