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I'm trying to write a program that takes a users input for a file name, and then either opens the file to add to it, or prints what is already in the file, so far this is what I have: (I keep getting a syntax error where it tries to print 'file name' is now open) any ideas/tips?

            elif choice == 'a':
                print("You selected 'a', you can now add to your file.")
                print("File", ui "is now open.")
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You are having the following print statement in your elif block

print("File", ui "is now open.")

which is syntactically wrong, since it doesn't have a comma after ui, and you can't concatenate or perform any other operation thus.

Either of the following should correct that

print("File", ui, "is now open.")
print("File %s is now open." % ui)
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Another problem beyond the one you asked about:

r = open(ui, 'r')

I assume this is meant to print the contents of the file named by ui. But what it will actually do is to print something like <open file 'filename', mode 'r' at 0x10d7556f0>, and then throw an exception once it hits close.ui(). r is the file object; you want to read it, and then close it -- both of these are methods of r:

r = open(ui, 'r')

Hmm, I see you edited this out of your question while I was typing. Hope it helps anyway.

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Thank you! Indeed that did help, I noticed that as well. – juhnellove Mar 13 '14 at 19:39

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