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I want a simple command line tool running on Windows Xp(or even cross platform) similar in functionality to Mp3tag to edit mp3 ID3 tags. I mostly want to organize my music according to artist , genre etc so a lightweight tool which can ask the user which tag to edit and then change all the mp3 files' tags in a directory will be good. Can I use perl to do this?

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See also the answer at… that can be of interest to you. – tricasse Aug 25 '13 at 19:55
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yes indeed, you can use Perl to do it. (as well as other languages with such modules support). Search CPAN for ID3 tag modules.

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use . it's in python. python works on windows.

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I just found the most powerful combination for doing this kind of work from a console: PowerShell and TagLib#.

Found it at

It works like a charm!

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I use BulkID3 for this.

I don't think it works on Windows, but it's open source.

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I use mpgtx in my Debian, but I see they have a Windows version at

The commands I use are as follows:

 # Read Tag information from mp3
 mpginfo 05\ Fatty\ Boom\ Boom.mp3

 # Writes album information in mp3
 tagmp3 set "%a:Tension" 05\ Fatty\ Boom\ Boom.mp3
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