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Is it posible if i want to set a cq5 component editable in page A, but not editable in page B.

For example: at page A, i have C component we allow authors to open dialog and edit the component. But we do not allow authors to open dialog to edit component C on Page B. I try to research cq:EditConfig link, but It's not enough documentation to resolve my issue.

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You can set ComponentContext.BYPASS_COMPONENT_HANDLING_ON_INCLUDE_ATTRIBUTE before the include, and remove it after the include.


slingRequest.setAttribute(ComponentContext.BYPASS_COMPONENT_HANDLING_ON_INCLUDE_ATTRIBUTE, true); 



More details are here:

You can write a Sling component filter:

And you can check the page and the component, and if you want to disable editing, just set the attribute, do the filter, and unset the attribute...

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