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Xcode 5.1 just released. I installed the latest version of Xcode 5.1 as well as Unity3D 4.3.4f1.

Before updating Xcode to version 5.1, Unity3D project builds without problem. In the mentioned version, the following errors appeared when I hit "Build and Run" in Unity3D:

In Unity3D:

UnityException: Launching iOS project via Xcode4 failed. Check editor log for details.

Well, I'm not using Xcode4. Xcode fails to load. Then I open the Xcode project manually. When I try to compile the Xcode project, the following compile errors occurs:

Dsymutil Error: error: invalid abbreviation code [114] for DIE at 0x00005e22 in


Dsymutil Error: Command /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/dsymutil emitted errors but did not return a nonzero exit code to indicate failure

What do they mean? How can I resolve it?

Note: the App build is successful on device.

The device is iOS 6.1.4, iPhone 5.

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Thanks for sharing mate, I was going to update XCode but I will wait a bit, I am searching for more info, I will let you know if I find something worth sharing. –  VicM Mar 12 at 16:31

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If you change the "Debug Information Format" to DWARF, the error will go away.


I got this answer from here

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I can't find this "Debug Information Format". Where exactly is it ? –  Raptor Mar 21 at 4:13
Go to your build settings and then search for that key –  Lio Mar 21 at 12:13
But it's not an option. You will not be able to read crash reports without dSYM. –  Ivan M May 3 at 15:03

You can get Build and Run working again in Unity w/ the latest Xcode by following the steps in this thread http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/234557-nityException-Launching-iOS-project-via-Xcode4-failed

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We're talking about Xcode 5, not Xcode 4; and I'm using the latest Xcode at this moment. –  Raptor Apr 4 at 4:15
@raptor read the thread, It's about Xcode 5 –  Dave Chenell Apr 9 at 3:45
It worked for me, thanks! (Unity 4.3.4, Xcode 5.1.1, iOS 7.1) –  Viktor Benei Apr 17 at 10:15

This is not a definitive answer but in the meantime I did this on my project and I manage to compile and make it work on an iPad with the latest iOS 7.1. enter image description here

I was able to compile with no errors but warnings by removing armv7 and arm64 from the architectures.

Some references here: Architecture linking error after Xcode 5.1 upgrade

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That's definitely a useful hint on the error. Hope Unity will have updates for this. –  Raptor Mar 13 at 2:27
What is a bit strange is that in the unity forums people is not complaining, have you already reported the problem yo unity? –  VicM Mar 13 at 13:21
Seems I have insufficient rights to post in Issue Tracker :( –  Raptor Mar 14 at 2:22

I currently have the latest Unity 4.3.4f1 and Xcode 5.1/iOS 7.1 sdk installed and using Build and Run in Unity to automatically get a build on an iOS device also fails for me.

Just do:

File > Build Settings... > Build

in Unity, manually open the project in Xcode, and build/run it normally from Xcode - it still compiles and runs fine on a connected device.

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Yes, this is exactly what I do (mentioned in question). But the error still exists, if you look into the Problem tab in Xcode. –  Raptor Mar 13 at 2:27

You can fix Xcode 5.1 support by manually editing Unity Xcode plugin metadata.

  1. Find following file in Unity installation:


  1. Open it with XCode and locate following lines here:


  2. Insert following item just before closing


  3. Restart Xcode.

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How do you get these values ? –  Raptor Apr 23 at 6:14
By this command "defaults read /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Info DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID" I got exactly the same value. –  Kumar C Apr 24 at 7:22

Updating Unity to 4.5 (using XCode 5.1.1) solved the problem for me.

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