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Here is the code iam confused when i was executing in Erlang shell so please explain me
In first terminal we set the terminal name as gandalf

 erl -sname gandalf
 (gandalf@localhost) 1> kvs:start().

In second terminal terminal name is bilbo

  erl -sname bilbo
 (bilbo@localhost) 1> rpc:call(gandalf@localhost, kvs,store, [weather, fine]).

But the problem is when i was executing the above code in respective terminals code was not getting executed so please explain me and i have one more doubt is it compulsory to set cookies??

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Can you net_adm:ping(gandalf@localhost) beforehand successfully? –  ZeissS Mar 13 at 9:20

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Do you connect node before rpc:call?

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ya i connected but when i was calling rpc module (bilbo@localhost) 1> rpc:call(gandalf@localhost, kvs,store, [weather, fine]). the output is bad rpc no node –  user3382006 Mar 12 at 10:03
what output of nodes(). from both erlang shells? –  couchemar Mar 12 at 10:50

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