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Is there a simple way to create a low priority transfer of a file? I have many files on my server and sometimes i am transferring other things too. Is there an easy way i can make my application transfer slowly when my network is busy?

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What are you using to transfer the file? scp? ftp? wget? Some other tool? Note curl has a --limit-rate option, see curl.haxx.se/docs/manpage.html –  maxpolk Feb 10 '10 at 4:03
It'll help if you can add some code for how you're doing the file transfer now. –  Samuel Neff Feb 10 '10 at 4:05
@sam: new WebClient().DownloadFile(url, fn); @ux9i: It doesnt matter to me what i use. Maybe i'll launch a curl process –  acidzombie24 Feb 10 '10 at 4:10

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Check out BITS. Here's a quick example to transfer as low priority:

    using (var done = new EventWaitHandle(false, EventResetMode.ManualReset))
        var manager = new Manager();
        var job = manager.CreateJob("Test Job Name");
        var jobevents = new JobEvents();

        job.Priority = JobPriority.Low;
        jobevents.JobTransferred += (sender, e) => { e.Job.Complete(); done.Set(); };
        jobevents.JobError += (sender, e) => { e.Job.Cancel(); done.Set(); };
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Use WebClient.OpenRead and add some sleeps in the middle of reading the response. Something along these lines:

using(var client = new WebClient())
using(var input = client.OpenRead("http://whatever.com/myfile.txt"))
using(var output = File.OpenWrite("c:/temp/myfile.txt"))
    var length = long.Parse(client.ResponseHeaders["content-length"]);
    var buffer = new byte[32768];
    long totalRead = 0;
    while(totalRead < length)
        int read = input.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);
        if (read != 0)
            output.Write(buffer, 0, read);
            totalRead += read;
        Thread.Sleep(100); // This is what slows down the download, make number bigger to download slower
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