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The documentation on classloaders here ( you have to go through the menus... WebSphere Application Server (Distributed operating systems), Version 8.5 > Developing applications > Developing applications in the full profile environment > Class loading ) say this in regards to class loading order:

  1. The bootstrap, extensions, and CLASSPATH class loaders created by the Java virtual machine
  2. A WebSphere extensions class loader
  3. One or more application module class loaders that load elements of enterprise applications running in the server (jars, ejb mods, etc...)
  4. Zero or more web module class loaders (wars...)

under point 3 it briefly says that The product enables you to associate shared libraries with an application. however I'm assuming that refers to the websphere shared libraries feature external to the ear itself.

I cannot find where it says what classloader loads the lib folder of an EAR. Which one is it?

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The EAR lib libraries should be loaded by the application class loader which is the same with the class loader referred in No 3 point you mention (the application module class loader).

enter image description here

This is more clearly showed in the following shape. The EAR lib libraries belong in the Application Classpath.

enter image description here

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So this means that all ejb modules in a single ear share the same application class loader? Ah, This makes so much more sense now. my spidey senses are tingling –  thenaglecode Mar 13 '14 at 0:35

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