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I'm trying to send an .ics file as an email attachment using Laravel's MAIL class. When email is received, Gmail doesn't ask me to add event to calendar. However I can easily add the event to the calendar by uploading the received file. (Format is valid.) And there is a small calendar icon as well, yet there is no fancy formatting or any formatting at all. Here's the code I'm using:

$filename = "invite.ics";

$data[0]  = "BEGIN:VCALENDAR";
$data[1] = "PRODID:-//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//EN";
$data[2] = "VERSION:2.0";
$data[4] = "METHOD:REQUEST";
$data[8] = "BEGIN:VEVENT";
$data[9] = "DTSTART:20140312T080000Z";
$data[10] = "DTEND:20140312T103000Z";
$data[11] = "DTSTAMP:20140312T072230Z";
$data[12] = "UID:aj5nufn03q772ukb54u1pp6c88@example.com";
$data[13] = "CREATED:20140312T072126Z";
$data[14] = "DESCRIPTION:Hair cut\, 2\,5h\, 300Eur";
$data[15] = "LAST-MODIFIED:20140312T072206Z";
$data[16] = "LOCATION:";
$data[17] = "SEQUENCE:0";
$data[18] = "STATUS:CONFIRMED";
$data[19] = "SUMMARY:Matu grieŇ°ana";
$data[20] = "TRANSP:OPAQUE";
$data[21] = "END:VEVENT";
$data[22] = "END:VCALENDAR";

$data = implode("\r\n", $data);
file_put_contents($filename, "\xEF\xBB\xBF".  $data);

Mail::send('emails.temp', array(), function($message) use($filename)
    $message->from('jon@example', 'Jon Doe');
    $message->to('osvalds.neiders@gmail.com')->subject('Registration information');

    $message->attach($filename, array('mime' => "text/calendar"));
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So as it turns out, the problem is now how to set mime type of email's body to text/calendar. –  Osvalds Mar 12 at 13:47

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