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I'm building a rails application that makes use of the Turbolinks stuff that comes with Rails 4. I am also trying to use the Google+ sign in button for user authentication.

I have everything working except in one case: If the user visits more than one page before logging in, the google+ sign in process doesn't work. Basically, the Turbolinks magic is breaking the Google+ signin button. (If the user signs in right away, everything works perfectly)

That said, I can see where the problem seems to be. When the google+ js api loads, it attaches a hidden iframe to the body of the html document. This gets blown away when turbolinks loads another page. I bet this iframe is required for completing the Google+ signin process.

Has anyone crossed a similar bridge? I'm not sure how to prevent turbolinks from removing the iframe. An alternative may be to get the Google+ Api to re-initialize, but nothing like that is mentioned in the Google Plus docs.

Thanks for any insight!

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I had the same issue with the Facebook login button and Bugherd sidebar.
You will need to reload your components on every page:fetch and page:change events.

Here is the pseudo code I use for facebook login:

   .on('page:fetch', saveFacebookRoot)
   .on('page:change', restoreFacebookRoot)

I think you can do almost the same think with the Google+ iframe.

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Thanks for the tip, unfortunately, no love. When I reload the special iFrame it doesn't help. Additionally, the google api spits out an error to the console: "Unknown RPC service: oauth2relayReady:#####" –  Rob Whiteside Mar 13 at 5:06
It works! -- After more poking, I was able to get this to work. I still get the weird error in the console. Also, once I signin the application attaches yet another iframe to the dom. This second iframe doesn't happen under normal conditions... I really appreciate the help, but I think I'm going to ditch turbolinks -- the solution is just a bit too fragile. –  Rob Whiteside Mar 13 at 5:26
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