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The TBB documentation gives this example of using lambda expressions with parallel_for, but doesn't provide an example of using lambda expressions with tbb::task::enqueue.

I am looking for a simple example of tbb::task::enqueue with a lambda expression.

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Did you try to adapt it to task::enqueue? What did go wrong? –  Adri C.S. Mar 12 at 8:37
I'm not sure how to inherit from tbb::task inside the lambda expression. –  Cosmo Harrigan Mar 12 at 8:43
Note that I have never used lambdas. I commented that because the more info you provide, the higher the chances are for someone to answer your question ASAP. –  Adri C.S. Mar 12 at 8:49

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Low-level tasks in TBB do not directly support lambda expressions. But with some extra coding you might create syntax-sugar helpers to do what you want.

You'd need to create a task class that calls a given functor:

template<typename F>
class lambda_task : public tbb::task {
    F my_func;
    /*override*/ tbb::task* execute() {
        return NULL;
    lambda_task( const F& f ) : my_func(f) {}

And then, you'd need to create a function template that takes a functor/lambda, wraps it into lambda_task, and enqueues:

template<typename F>
void tbb_enqueue_lambda( const F& f ) {
    tbb::task::enqueue( *new( tbb::task::allocate_root() ) lambda_task<F>(f) );

And then you might use this function with lambda expressions:

tbb_enqueue_lambda( []{ /* code here */ } );

The official TBB API classes that support lambda expressions, such as task_group and task_arena, use very similar code internally.

Update: to pass a function pointer and arguments to call it with, the above approach can be extended in some ways:

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Improvement suggestions: if lambda returns non-void, use its return value to produce the tbb::task* to allow chaining. Maybe split the creation of the lambda_task from the enqueue? Maybe not. –  Yakk Mar 12 at 16:28
Thank you for the helpful answer! How could you modify this to enqueue a pointer to a function that has arguments directly? This works: tbb_enqueue_lambda([=]{doTask(arg);});, as well as tbb_enqueue_lambda(&doTask);, but how could you pass the arguments without the lambda expression? –  Cosmo Harrigan Mar 12 at 22:09
I have update the answer to cover passing arguments. –  Alexey Kukanov Mar 14 at 18:45

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