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I have the following command line setup to create a jpeg copy of each page of a pdf, cropping it down to the trim size. Actually i'm wanting the bleed size which is 3mm added to each edge of the trim box

-o newbitmap_%04d.jpg -sDEVICE=jpegcmyk -dJPEGQ=60 -r150 -dSimulateOverprint=false -dUseTrimBox original.pdf

Please could someone suggest how I can do this?

Thanks David

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In the current Ghostscript code, use -dUseBleedBox. See :


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Cool thanks, this doesn't look like its in version 9.10 as this has been added after 9.10 release, so I guess I need to wait till the next version –  David Jennings Mar 12 '14 at 14:37

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