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Can some one please direct me to a example where a combo box has been inserted in a datagrid using as3 in CS4. I have a idea that it can be done using the cellrenderer, but i am not able to figure out how to achieve it. i tried searching on net but could not find any working example. I am working on a project where there are mutiple rows in the datagrid, and the values of the datagrid item can be changed using the combo box inside it. I have just started on actionscript so not much experience on that part. I have been searching on net for quite few thing and working them out. if some one can provide me a simple example of this, that would be gr8.


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You will need to do something similar to:

public function createChildren() : void
        combo = createObject("ComboBox", "Combo", startDepth++);

        // Assign the data provider.
        combo.dataProvider = COMBOBOX_DATA_PROVIDER;

        combo.addEventListener(ComboBoxEvent.change, changeEvent);
        combo.addEventListener(, openEvent);
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can you please give me a example of how to use this. i found a example for as2 here in my app there are 3 column which needs to be of the combox box. – AmarKoli Feb 11 '10 at 7:00

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