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I have a few models, all with appropriately named model files.


All linked accordingly. Problem is, the recursive model is not able to attach to all the relationships and for some reason is returning AppModel data type when i do a var_dump on $this->PropertyImage. When i do a var_dump($this->Property); i get data type: Property.

What is going on here, what would cause this to happen? Also how can I fix this problem?

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Building on what Marko said, if you have a HABTM relationship your best bet is to use a join table, properties_images.

Then rather than doing a Property->PropertyImage->Image, you would just do a Property->Image->read/find().

What I failed to understand about the HABTM relationship is how to filter based on criteria in the related model. E.g., you cannot do this:

$this->Property->Image->find( 'all', array( 'conditions' => array( '' => 7 ) ) );

Instead, you have to add the Containable behavior to the Property model, as described in the manual at

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Do you hava a PropertyImage model in your application or is it a HABTM association? If you're having a Property which hasAndBelongsToMany Image, you need a pivot table (properties_images) in the database, but to access Image model from the PropertiesController, you'd do $this->Property->Image without anything in between.

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