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I want to do a Diff between a locally commited change and between the SVN commited last change. i.e. HEAD and what is on SVN Master trunk.

what would be the suitable command?


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I assume you're talking about git-svn:

$ git-svn fetch              # get the latest from svn, without merging yet
$ git diff ..remotes/git-svn # or <treeish>..remotes/git-svn

I don't know if remotes/git-svn can be somewhere else. Check with git branch -a.

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git diff trunk worked for me!

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The simplest way to do it would be making a diff between HEAD and the import of trunk into a git repo.

But if you cannot do a git svn rebase on your current repo because you do not want to import anything (but only see the difference with the SVN repo), you could clone your repo into a second repo where you can at any moment refresh its content with the SVN trunk.

Then you declare a tracking branch and fetch that repo2 in your current repo:

svn_trunk    # tracks repo2/trunk/HEAD, refreshed by a git svn rebase 

and you can diff:

git diff svn_trunk..HEAD 
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I tried this:

git diff HEAD~3 HEAD

and it worked as I wanted to see the diff between 3 locally committed changes and the HEAD on trunk.

But was it the right way? It worked though! :)

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If you know that the last svn rebase was HEAD~3, then yes. It should be the same than git diff HEAD~3.. – VonC Feb 10 '10 at 13:12

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