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I have problem with how ehcache repopulates cache after TTL has expired. Currently in my spring web app i have specified cache in ecache.xml as follows:

<cache name="findRoleByPrimaryId" maxElementsInMemory="150000" eternal="false" timeToIdleSeconds="0" timeToLiveSeconds="600" overflowToDisk="false" clearOnFlush="true" statistics="true" />

I then populate the cache when the app starts as follows:

` final Cache findRoleByPrimaryIdCache = cacheManager.getCache("findRoleByPrimaryId");
Collection roles = roleDao.findAll();

    for (final Role role : roles ) {
        findRoleByPrimaryIdCache.put(new Element(role.getPrimaryId() , role));

At certain points I add/remove items from the cache as the as app is used e.g. during update, save and delete operations. What I need to do now is automatically repopulate the cache after TTL is/has expired. My question is:

  1. How is the cache repopulated when TTL = 600 for example has expired?
  2. Do you specify a method it needs to execute to populate the cache? If so, where do you do this?
  3. How can I implement this on my own?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

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