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I redirect the user of my application to Twitter for oauth style authentication using my app's request_token. The user is able to enter username and password on Twitter's page BUT then, instead of calling back my application, Twitter displays a page

You've successfully granted access to MyAppName!

Simply return to MyAppName and enter the following PIN to complete the process. 123456

Why is this happening?

I have set the callback url in my app's settings.


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Same thing is happening me. I just find the solution.

You can put :oauth_callback parameter to get request token.

Note: Because latest oauth gem, changes made in create and callback method on 29/04/2010

Check this document.

@request_token = UsersController.consumer.get_request_token(:oauth_callback => "callback-url-of-your-twitter-app")
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Thanks, I was struggling with same issue. – Dinesh Jun 23 '11 at 15:20

When you get a PIN code it means the application is configured as Desktop Application, see To change this go to the twitter application page:, sign in with your twitter account for your application and in Edit Application Settings, change the Application Type to Browser.

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thanks for your reply! But my app type is set to browser. any other suggestions appreciated. – user16455 Feb 17 '10 at 6:41
I have no direct solution, but you could try to regenerate a new key, for your twitter app from the twitter side, or even register a new twitter application. But these are brute force solutions;-) – Hilbrand Bouwkamp Feb 18 '10 at 8:29

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