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I'm trying to install Oracle Client using a pre-recorded Response File by executing the following Chef script; I end up with an error as seen after the script.

    batch 'Oracle client installation' do
    code <<-EOH
    net use X: "\\\\<abc.xyz.com>\\Remote_installations"
    pushd "\\\\<abc>\\Remote_installations\\Oracle11204_64\\client"
    setup.exe -silent -ignorePrereq "ORACLE_HOSTNAME=<host_machine_name>" "ORACLE_BASE=\\\\C:\\oracle" "ORACLE_HOME=\\\\C:\\oracle\\product\\11.2.0\\client_1" -noconfig -responseFile "\\\\C\\Remote_installations\\Oracle11204_64\\client\\client.rsp"
    popd "\\\\<abc>"
    net use X: /delete

This is the error.

"ERROR!! Unable to construct admin data segment. File not found 'Y:\Oracle11204_64\client\install/../stage/cvu\\cv\cvdata\admin.xml'"

Surprisingly, when I run the "setup.exe" just from the command prompt using the same Response File, the error doesn't show up.

I'd be glad if someone could help me fix this.

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