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I have build my project in C#, I add DataSet.xsd, and connect him to

Oracle DataBase in my computer - work Excellent !!!!

When I installed on the customer computer (that connect to his Oracle DataBase) -

it crushed.

I need to change the connection string on the DataSet.xsd file - but how to do it ?

Is there any xml file ? Or configuration file ?

Thanks in advance.

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When generating a DataSet with the Wizard you are asked to Create-and-Store a ConnectionString. Take a look in your App.Config

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What if I need to encrypt the connection string? I have a similar problem, except that I want to use the encrypted connection created with the aspnet_regiis method and already stored on the app.config file. My Dataset.xsd still uses the ConnectionString stored on the Settings.settings file, automatically added with the Wizard. –  RainbowCoder Nov 4 at 10:21
Don't ask follow-ups in comments. Look for it and when you can't find it post a regular question. –  Henk Holterman Nov 4 at 11:34
Yes, you're right! And since I haven't found an answer I asked my own question. :-) stackoverflow.com/questions/26734610/… Please take a look if you want! –  RainbowCoder Nov 4 at 12:01

You can also open the Dataset and select the TableAdapter that you want to update, right click and go to properties.

here you will see a "connection" property that you can easily change to settings in your web.config file or enter new connection details.

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I am using Visual Studio 2012. I want to change the connection string to my remote web server. But I don't have direct access to the web server. The wizard does not allow my to add the adaptor. How can I change the connection string manually? –  Hoy Cheung Apr 7 '13 at 9:14

I had similar situation... I'd already created lots of datasets, and they each recorded their own connection string in the code behind. A also manually interacted with database via connectionstring I'd placed in App.config file. So to update all this when deploying to as-yet-unknown server would be pain; yet manually changing all those connectionstrings also put me off. In the end I added a 'test' tableAdapter to the .xsd design page... and created a New connection string - this time specifying it be placed in App.config file. Then by magic... all the tableAdapters now used this one connectionstring - just delete the test object & voila!

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Just request server credentials in your application startup once or use a settings window and use this method:

get the connection string from SqlConnection object or form the connection string from individual data and do it like this:

[ApplicationNamespace].Properties.Settings.Default["ConnectionString"] = newconstr;

The application settings that are Application and not user scope can be set too. But only programatically, by code. It works fine for me. Hope it helps you out!

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Is this solution applicable on my .NET 4 Windows Form application if I want to use an encrypted connection string stored on the app.config file? –  RainbowCoder Nov 4 at 10:22

You can using like my code: Note that DataSet can change connection string by app.config but you can change connection string by TableAdapter like below:

NCKHSV_TTD54TableAdapters.adtReportGiangVienTableAdapter tableAdapter = new 
NCKHSV_TTD54TableAdapters.adtReportGiangVienTableAdapter();//Create a TableAdapter to using.
 tableAdapter.Connection.ConnectionString = strConn;//change ConnectionString to strConn
 tableAdapter.ClearBeforeFill = true;
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I was searching about way to change the connectionsString globally, and finally I find a way to do that. Open dataset.xsd using notepad program and then replace the old connectionstring with the new one

<DbSource ConnectionRef="con_string_ar (Web.config)" DbObjectName="con_string_ar.dbo.albums" DbObjectType="Table"..>
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