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I'm writing an android service that depends on 2 static java libraries: protobuf and jzmq.

Here is my Android.mk:

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
include $(CLEAR_VARS)

LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(call all-java-files-under,src)

LOCAL_PACKAGE_NAME := appmonitor


include $(BUILD_PACKAGE)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)

LOCAL_PREBUILT_STATIC_JAVA_LIBRARIES := libprotobuf:libs/protobuf.jar libJZMQ:libs/zmq.jar


The shared library files (.so) are available system wide.

Unfortunately the resulting package misses many classes from the zmq.jar which in turn leads to crashes within the service.
In other hand, package built with SDK in IntelliJ has all classes from the zmq.jar.

It looks like I'm missing some important options in my Android.mk, but which?

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Is this supposed to be some extension to the firmware? Outside of that, Android.mk is the province of the NDK, which does not deal with Java libraries AFAIK. –  CommonsWare Mar 12 '14 at 12:17
@CommonsWare Kind of. Android.mk can be used to build java libs and packages too. –  Kentzo Mar 12 '14 at 16:42
At best, though, it's a very distant third behind Ant and Gradle for command-line builds. –  CommonsWare Mar 12 '14 at 17:14
@CommonsWare Sure. But for convenience I'd like this service to be built as part of the rest system. –  Kentzo Mar 12 '14 at 18:42
Hi Kentzo! Since you're using Android.mk - I assume you're writing an app to be included in an AOSP image (inside of the packages/apps folder). For including those two jars inside of the resulting APK, you have the correct syntax. Can you elaborate what you mean when you say "the resulting package misses many classes from the zmq.jar"? If you are using mmm packages/apps/appmonitor to build this part, then the resulting APK will have those two jars included. –  ZachM May 12 '14 at 15:09

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