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this is my situation. I have a python programm which concists of several modules. One of this is a database for example.

To manage this databse I want to use a web interface. This is the structure:

server\ __init__.py database\ __init__.py data.db database.py databasehelper.py webserver\ __init__.py simpleserver.py cgi-bin\ __init__.py makenewentry.py

Now, if I want to call a function from the databasehelper.py within the makenewentry.py module (opened in the web browser) it can't find the modules. This is because it isn't in the path of course (only the cgi-bin folder and the python interpreter directorys are in the path).

So here is the question: Is there a best practice for calling a function in this databasehelper module? Should I just add the absolute path to the server module into the pythonpath at the beginning of the makenewentry.py module? Isn't this a security problem?

I appreciate any help! Thanks.

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