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I am developing an application with Angular JS, Bootstrap and Jquery. I have created a fixed footer which works as expected throughout the application. but when i click on an input box on mobile browser the footer moves to the screen center.

here is the css :

    bottom: 0;
    padding: 10px 15px;
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;

I tried changing the footer properties to position:absolute and display:none on input focus. here is the code for it :

$(document).on('focus', '[type=text], [type=password], [type=number]', function (e) {

$(document).on('blur', '[type=text], [type=password], [type=number]', function (e) {

It works on few devices like Iphone 5 and 5s but no success on others like Ipad, Iphone 4 etc. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Can you add your jquery you applied on click of a particular input box? –  prady00 Mar 12 at 14:40
It's possible that the footer is moving because when you focus the input, the browser resizes the viewport to display the soft keyboard. The resized viewport means that the new value of bottom is smaller than previous value. Also, don't forget other HTML5 input types like "email", "tel", etc. :) –  Palpatim Mar 12 at 14:58
This is something interesting.resized viewports, any way i can handle this change? –  Sanjay D Mar 12 at 18:17

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