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I've created the following TGridPanel in the IDE:

enter image description here

This TGridPanel is inside a TPageControl:TTabSheet, which is on a TFrame.

TFrame => TPageControl => TTabSheet => TGridPanel

During Design Time in the IDE everything is fine.

However, when I drop the TFrame on empty (main) form and then hit the Compile button, all ColumnSpan and RowSpan settings I made in the TFrame are reset when the compilation finishes.

When I then run the application, I get an EGridPanelException saying:

Error reading ...Panel_Setup_Content.ColumnCollection: Cannot delete a column that contains controls

and the application terminates after hitting "OK".

Additionally, when I close the project and re-open it (with the TFrame dropped on the main form), I get the exact same error + "Ignore the error and continue ? Note: Ignoring the error may cause components to be deleted or property values to be lost."

When I use Notepad to remove the TFrame from the main Form DFM I can open the project again and also the TFrame file without error messages or problems.

The problems occur as soon as I drop the TFrame on the main form.

Is this a Delphi issue ? Or is it me doing something wrong ?

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