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I'm trying to execute some function repeatedly for every 5 sec & it's working fine.

I wanted this timer to stop when the app is closed or back button is pressed.

  int delay = 0; 
        int period = 5000; // repeat every sec.
        Timer timer = new Timer();
        timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask() {
            public void run() {
        }, delay, period);
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have you tried using a boolean and a while loop ? you can Override onBackPressed() and set the flag to true and also Override onFinish() to handle the app shutting down in a similar fashion. –  inner_class7 Mar 12 at 13:31
Nope i have not tried that. –  Uday Mar 12 at 13:35

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Don't use a Timer just use a Handler

private boolean keepLooping = true;
private static final int DELAY = 1000 * 5;
final Handler printHandler = new Handler();
Runnable printStuff = new Runnable(){

     public void run(){
             printHandler.postDelayed(this, DELAY);


//wherever you want to start your printing
printHandler.postDelayed(printStuff, DELAY);
keepLooping = true;

//when back is pressed or app is stopped
keepLooping = false;

postDelayed will run the runnable on the delay you want. If you want it to loop forever just start the handler again from within the runnable. When you want it to stop just removeCallbacks which will prevent the looping.

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I will try and let u know. –  Uday Mar 12 at 13:38
Yeah this also works fine for me,But i'm using @Akbun code to stop the timer on Backpress. –  Uday Mar 14 at 6:12
Timer is just not the recommended way to do this. There are a number of posts if you look around on SO - like this one that explain the disadvantages of using a timer. That's why I provided the handler code. It's the correct way to solve this problem. –  Rarw Mar 14 at 13:19

In Android you can override below methods to identify the back press and activity close, then you can have the code to cancel the timer. 1. onDestroy() 2. onBackPressed()

In method implementation you can use below statements to stop. timer.cancel(); timer.purge();


    public void onBackPressed() {

I guess this would help..

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