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We have XML files and we want to have C++ classes generated out of XML schema like we have it in .NET xsd.

Also the generated classes instance needs to provide appropriate XML by calling some methods.

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I use Liquid XML Studio, it does all of that as well as documenting everything

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Liquid is nice, but the code-gen is a premium feature - have to pay for it – George Godik Feb 10 '10 at 15:34

If you are working with Web Services here, then I would really suggest going with gSOAP.

If you are only interested in data bindings in C++, then XSD: XML Data Binding for C++ by code synthesis is also a very good tool, they are pretty good about documentation too.

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Recommend gsoap which I use a lot and have helped to improve significantly to cover all W3C data binding patterns so we know it is very robust with any XML schema use. – Alex Feb 27 at 18:29

Gslgen is known to be a good code generator. It uses a simplified version of XML though.

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