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I'm trying to implement activity log in the dashboard i.e. a notification in each row that says which entities have a change since the last login of a user.

To do it I'm thinking about overwrite the class AdminListBlockService and the template block_admin_list.html.twig

but i don't have yet clear how do it.

someone know a better way to do it? if that is the better way, how can I achieve it?

thanks a lot!


I found a better way... i have overwritten only the block_admin_list.html.twig so:


          list_block:          AdminBundle:Block:block_admin_list.html.twig

note the diference "SonataAdminBundle" and "AdminBundle"

next step add in the template:

{% if admin.activityLog() is defined and admin.isGranted('LIST') %}          
     <a class="btn btn-link" href="{{ admin.generateUrl('list')>admin.activityLog</a>
{% endif %}

and finally create the logic for each Entity where i want the notification

//in the exempleAdmin

 public function activityLog(){

      // custom code $activity= ....

    return $activity;

if someone know a better way to do it, please let me know, thanks

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Well what you can do is override the template like this:

In your admin class:

// Configure our custom roles for this entity
public function configure() {
    $this->setTemplate('list', 'MyAdminBundle:CRUD:list-myentity.html.twig');

Then in your template you can do something like:

{# The default template which provides batch and action cells, with the valid colspan computation #}

{% extends 'SonataAdminBundle:CRUD:list.html.twig' %}

{% block table_body %}
        {% for object in admin.datagrid.results %}
                table tr.green-color td {background-color: #2BFF5D !important; }
            <tr {% if changed %} class="green-color" {% endif %}>
                {% include admin.getTemplate('inner_list_row') %}
        {% endfor %}
{% endblock %}
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hi!! thanks for your answer!! perhaps i'm wrong but i thought this way worked for the list template from a unique entity, not in the dashboard comun dashboard where there are all the entites –  xus Mar 12 '14 at 14:45

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