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I'm still running Firefox 2.0.0. For backward compatibility reasons I'd like to know weather there is a easy way to replace the

NPN_PluginThreadAsyncCall, NPN_ScheduleTimer

mechanism that the newer npapi supplies. The only solution that I would come up with is to evaluate a javascript "setTimeout" that would call the plugin then ... -- KE What I'm working on is at:

Some seem to call it nsapi, so I add the keyword here too: nsapi

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It seems that there is some answer here allready:

In Linux the function to use is:

timerid = g_timeout_add(...)

for gtk.

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The easiest way is to tie into the HWND. for set timer, just use a windows timer on the HWND, and for async call, post a message to the hwnd. the HWND message loop runs on the UI thread with javascript and the browser.

FireBreath uses this approach, but I don't believe it supports Firefox 2 because ff2 is quite old at this point and is missing a lot of features used by FireBreath. Still, you could borrow some code.

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