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I'm stuck with elasticsearch search API. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong here? Can't make search API working

I use test classes from elasticsearch 1.0.1

1.Get the client

Client testClient = ElasticsearchIntegrationTest.client();

2.Insert some data

client.prepareIndex("elastic_index", "elastic_type", "1")
                .field("ID", "1")
                .field("value", "big")

3.Get inserted data (this works)

GetResponse response = client.prepareGet("elastic_index", "elastic_type",  "1")

4.Search for inserted data (this doesn't work).

SearchResponse searchResponse = client.prepareSearch("elastic_index")
        .setQuery(matchQuery("value", "big"))

I've tried all sorts of QueryBuilders with no luck. Number of hits returned is always zero.

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First of all .setFrom() is used to declare an offset, for exemple setFrom(10) will skip the first 10 documents return. Your setFrom is useless. I do not know whats is doing .setExplain does but maybe you should try a more simple request like following :

    SearchResponse searchResponse = client.prepareSearch("elastic_index")
            .setQuery(matchQuery("value", "big")).execute().actionGet();

Then could you give use your mapping ? Are you sure your documents is well stored in ElasticSearch ( use elasticsearch-head if you do not)

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Solved it, I had to refresh the indices for search to work

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