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How to solve the following error and why i'm getting this.
Persistent UI failed to open file file://localhost/Users/ev_mac13/Library/Containers/com.xxxxx.testData/Data/Library/Saved%20Application%20State/com.xxxxx.testData.savedState/window_5.data: Too many open files (24)

I m using sqlite database in my applicatation. This error appearing inbetween running the application.

EDIT: The data was fetched and used in collection view and array controller. If i got the above error then i cant open sqlite database.

Assertion failure in -[SQLiteDBConnection executeQuery:], /Users/admin/Desktop/march14/feb22/ToolBox/ToolBoX/DBConnection/SQLiteDBConnection.m:186 2014-03-15 10:25:04.339 ToolBoX[2939:303] Error while creating add statement. 'unable to open database file'

EDIT #2:

i just typed lsof in osx terminal, it shows too many sqlite connections and close all connections. Now fixed.

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how many files can you have open at once? try sysctl kern.maxfiles –  Axarydax Mar 12 at 14:01
kern.maxfiles: 12288 –  iTroyd23 Mar 12 at 14:11

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I've run into this with permissions errors in my home folder.

However, if you're using a SQLite wrapper directly, it's possible it's leaking (as in memory leak) database/connection instances and/or not closing them properly when done, which means new connections are opened in addition each time the database is touched. Get familiar with Instruments (the "Leaks" instrument, specifically) if you're not already, then post the results if you're still stuck.

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"permissions errors in my home folder" - how to detect and solve? –  iTroyd23 Mar 14 at 4:24
That's more a question for other StackExchange sites but the short of it is: Run Disk Utility, choose the volume, then run Repair Permissions. –  Joshua Nozzi Mar 14 at 16:39
"showing volume work appears to be ok" –  iTroyd23 Mar 15 at 4:15
i have edited my question. pls check it. –  iTroyd23 Mar 15 at 5:03
still i getting the above error, even though i removed the code to fetching from the database. –  iTroyd23 Mar 15 at 5:47

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