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pairedData <- data.frame(x1=rnorm(100), x2=rnorm(100), x3=rnorm(100),x4=rnorm(100),       l=sample(c(-1,1),100, replace=TRUE))

subjFunc <- function(M, pairedData, gamma, beta){

pairSize <- dim(pairedData)[1]
b1 <- -log((1-gamma)/2)
b2 <- -log((1+gamma)/2)
B1 <- rep(b1, pairSize)
B2 <- rep(b2, pairSize)
zero <- rep(0, pairSize)

repLab1 <- rep(1-pairedData$l, pairSize)
repLab2 <- rep(1+pairedData$l, pairSize)

eM <- (pairedData$x1)^2*M[1] + (pairedData$x2)*M[6] + (pairedData$x3)^2*M[11] + 
(pairedData$x4)^2*M[16] + (pairedData$x1)*(pairedData$x2)*M[2]+(pairedData$x1)*
(pairedData$x2)*M[5] +(pairedData$x1)*(pairedData$x3)*M[3]+(pairedData$x1)*

gmsl <- sum((repLab1/2)*apply(cbind(B1-eM, zero)/2, 1, max) +(repLab2/2)*apply(cbind(eM-
B2, zero), 1, max))+beta*sqrt(M[1]^2+M[2]^2+M[3]^2+M[4]^2+M[5]^2+M[6]^2+M[7]^2+M[8]^2
       +M[9]^2+M[10]^2+M[11]^2+M[12]^2+M[13]^2+M[14]^2+M[15]^2+M[16]^2) # SubjectFuncion

startPoint <- rep(1, 16)
iris.optx <- optimx(par=startPoint, fn=subjFunc, pairedData=pairedData,
                  gamma=0.03, beta=1,lower=rep(0,16),
                  control=list(all.methods=TRUE, save.failures=TRUE, maxit=2500))

When I run it, R reports:

Error in optimx.check(par, optcfg$ufn, optcfg$ugr, optcfg$uhess, lower,  : 
  Cannot evaluate function at initial parameters`

I have searched a lot on this problem, but nothing have a shot on it. If anyone can help me with it, I will deeply appreciate it!

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Your code works for me: does the problem persist in a new session? –  Vincent Zoonekynd Mar 12 at 14:59
@VincentZoonekynd : You are right, thanks! However, unfortunately,when I changed the data(second line of my code) to "pairedData <- data.frame(x1=rnorm(7000), x2=rnorm(7000), x3=rnorm(7000),x4=rnorm(7000), l=sample(c(-1,1),7000, replace=TRUE))" , the same error message appeared. Does it mean that my program can not deal with large scale data? Is there anyway to deal with this large scale data problem? –  Keru Mar 13 at 7:35
Finally, though I do not know why, I figure it out by running it on a more powerful computer! thanks any way, especially @VincentZoonekynd. –  Keru Mar 22 at 3:05

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