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I have been using node webkit to run a number of applications and have had no problems until today.

An alert box with the text "foo" has started appearing periodically or every time I click certain elements in the DOM across. This is happening with every application that runs using node webkit.

There are other people in my team who use these applications and they are not having this problem. I have searched through the code for each application and have been unable to find anything that would be causing this.

I believe this is an issue with my version of node webkit.

I have tried reinstalling all the applications but have been unable to remedy this.

If you have any ideas about what might be causing this, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share.



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Press F3 (or Cmd|Ctrl + F) and write foo in your text editor and it might lead to the alert("foo"); line –  Gaurang Tandon Mar 12 at 14:42

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