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I use search sites very often.
And in 99% of cases search results that i need contained in first 3 links,that search engine returns.

Is it possible from programming point to write extension for Firefox,that satisfies next use case:

1. user clicks icon
2. modal window appeared
3. select search engine(e.g. Google,Yahoo or Yandex...any other)
4. write search criterion
5. click OK
6. 3 new tabs opened in browser with corresponding sites

It seems, that most complex part is to open 3 fist sites in new tabs - someth. like with using Selenium and XPATH.

Thanks for advise.

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Yes, in fact, this is possible with just a Greasemonkey script. If you're using just a greasemonkey script, I'd advise making it run on google.com, then you can add a listener to the submit button, then GM_openInTab all the necessary pages.

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