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I have a web page (Orders.aspx) that gets some orders and show them in a Gridview . The orders list I get from DB is depend on a field named Status. The page has a master page that contains a Tab user control.

The user control has several tabs and every tab has a different Status.

Therefor, when the user clicks on every tab, I want to pass a value as status to my content page (Orders.aspx) and then select the orders from DB based on status.

How can I do it?

Thank you

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In page load of order.cs you can access master page and control of the master page to get its selection. Even public properties of the Master file can be accesssed

Tabstrip tabControl = (Tabstrip) Master.FindControl("Tabstrip1")


Master.TabstripStatus // Tabstripstatus is a public property of the master page.
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